Trapped Emotions

What are Trapped Emotions?

We are emotional beings, and our emotions are experienced in response to our environment. Emotions are a normal part of life. Living beings experience and interpret the world through their emotions.
Emotions are felt, processed by the body/mind, and at some point let go. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to work, and it usually does for positive emotions that result in feeling good.
However, emotions resulting from pain or distress can be so strong that they don’t get processed completely. When this happens, some remnant of the negative emotional energy becomes trapped in the body, usually in an organ or gland, although It can become trapped anywhere in the body or in the field of energy surrounding the body.
The frequency (rate of vibration) of a Trapped Emotion is different from the frequency of the body part in which it is trapped. This conflicting frequency begins to distort the normal, healthy frequency of that body part. At some point in time, this distortion, or imbalance, of the tissues or energy field will cause symptoms such as uneasiness, emotional ups and downs, depression, and/or physical symptoms. Most often, we have no idea that what is causing these symptoms are Trapped Emotions.
As an example, you’ve probably noticed people, maybe even yourself, who get angry at the tiniest thing “gone wrong.” The intensity of the anger is so great, that it is bewildering to the people witnessing the outburst. I used to be this way–usually not in front of others. The tiniest electronic thing “gone wrong” could put me into such a rage, that one day I pushed my printer so hard that it fell to the floor. Now the printer was truly broken. Whenever this rage occurred, I would feel stupid and shameful afterwards, and I couldn’t figure out why I got so angry over such small things.
After releasing Trapped Emotions from my body, many of which were anger from long ago, the outbursts stopped. Sometimes I still feel irritated when electronic things “go wrong,” but usually I don’t even feel that. I don’t get angry or rageful, and I have certainly stopped pushing equipment to the floor. Now I either fix the problem or have someone else fix it.
So how did releasing the old Trapped Emotions of anger from my body stop the outbursts? Easy. Before the releases, some parts of my body always felt angry, even though I didn’t know it. Somehow I held that unrecognized anger inside. However, when a situation arose that produced anger in the present, the old anger would burst forth, compounding the present anger and magnifying it until it turned into unexplainable rage.
If not released, Trapped Emotions cause imbalances that encumber us and block us from leading full lives. They can affect us physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. The good news is that Trapped Emotions can be released. You can take your life back and enjoy better health.

Why Do We Trap Emotions?

I’ve often been asked why the body traps emotions in the first place. After all, if the body is created to heal itself, why would it trap emotions that can potentially harm the body, mind and spirit?
There are many reasons. One is because of age. For example, being too young to know how to cope with a situation, such as abuse. Another is that allowing the emotion to be experienced and expressed would cause embarrassment, or make the painful situation worse. At any age, the situation could be so dire, that facing it and dealing with it at the time would be just too difficult and the pain too great.
When an emotion is trapped, it serves as a protection mechanism–a way to unconsciously look away from what happened because the pain, fear, embarrassment or shame would be too much to bear. These protection mechanisms are necessary at the time. However, when the protection is no longer needed, the emotions remain trapped and the body and the conscious mind do not recognize that they are even there.
These unrecognized Trapped Emotions interfere with the healthy flow of life force energy in the body. Over time, the effects on the body and mind can range from knowing that something is not quite “right,” to huge emotional outbursts that seem extreme, to unexplainable changes in behavior, or an ill physical body that doesn’t seem to heal.
When these circumstances occur, behavioral issues can develop, relationships can suffer, and the body/mind can become ill. Expressing the “true” self can become impossible and a sense of well-being or contentment becomes more and more illusive.