The Heart Wall                                   

When someone is causing, or has caused, us emotional pain, we experience something we call heartache. Our heart is literally aching. We also experience heartache when we are feeling deep grief, hurt or loss. Most of us have experienced this painful physical sensation many times throughout our lives.

Because the subconscious mind works in our best interest, it wants to block any further experience of this pain. To do that, the subconscious mind creates an energetic wall around the heart as a defense; as a way to deflect any further heartache.

At the time this “heart wall” is first formed, it is an important protection mechanism and can be absolutely necessary to help us survive certain traumas in our life. However, it comes at a price, because after the source of the pain has long since vanished, the wall remains. It does not dissolve on its own, and we don’t even know it is there.

Having a heart wall keeps us from experiencing life fully. It blocks the heart energy from freely radiating outward, while at the same time blocking access to the heart by others. The result? The heart wall blocks our ability to fully give and receive love. It hampers relationships, stifles creativity, keeps success at bay, and makes life more difficult in general.

Releasing the heart wall results in major changes in the way we live. We become more accepting, more loving, more open, and more peaceful. When that happens life becomes easier–we are happier, relationships improve, creativity blossoms, and experiencing joy is finally a reality.

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