Who is Renate?

Nature is going with me from very early in life. If you bring nature into your daily life experience, all is amazing.

I started to use herbs and homeopathic medicine to heal my family and myself and was always surprised how easy all heals without side effects.

My past life had many bad scenarios and with these experiences I started to get very sick. I knew there must be something to heal myself but had not find it yet.

Learned many ways of healing, like: – Hypnosis and Stress Management, Body Alignment, Neuro Linguistic Healing, Life Coach inclusive Transactional Analysis. At last I learned to be an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner.

Working on myself was very exciting and a huge success. I am free of Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks. My huge challenge is now healing my Thyroid Gland and Auto Immune system. One year ago I got Vitiligo (white spot disease) and slowly these patches start to disappear again. I am very patient and do know one of these days I am “patch free”.

Worked on family, friends, animals and myself for about two years until I decided, I would love to give and help with this type of Energy Work. I have my answer and do not have to search anymore.