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Deep inside, beyond our bones, beyond our atoms, we are all made of Energy. What if I told you that you had trapped emotions within you that are holding you back from your full potential? What if I told you, Emotions do effect our organs to get sick? You were just overwhelmed with a unique emotion, and now that negative emotion is trapped withing you. Even with a very impactful negative moment, there will be a trigger, that builds a wall around your heart, which keeps you from finding your mission, felling love, giving love and preventing you from success?

Heartwall clearing is one of the most powerful approaches to clearing blocks to love, success and creativity!




There are single appointments if there is something specific you are looking to target emotionally or physically.  If you book one appointment, you get the regular price of our sessions. We ask the client to make their payment 48hrs before their actual meeting with the practitioner. Healing is done online, which enables the client to find convenience in starting their Emotion/Body Code journey. Also in person, or via Skype/Whatsup. To receive a discounted price for your sessions, we recommend looking at the four session package

COST: $95 / €80 PER SESSION (45-60 MIN )

Pet Body Code Sessions

Do you have pets dealing with chronic pain or behavioral concerns? With the Emotion Code/Body Code we can pick up imbalances that reside within the bodies of animals. ANIMALS ARE VERY SENSITIVE TO ENERGY HEALING. Emotional trauma at any age can create a negatively charged trapped emotion which inflicts pain if neglected. I am aware of these imbalances, and I am willing to assist animals at a lower rate. All animal owners, be open to this procedure, as I offer a 45-minute free healing session for the animal owner. I facilitate this preliminary meeting so that the animal owner can confide in my practice and receive their testimonial of our work. Qualification for this discounted price happens when I set up four sessions in my calendar.

Cost: $75/€50 PER SESSION (45-60 Min )


Children Body Code Sessions

With experience, I realized that children can receive trapped emotions at a very early age. The Fetus experience the physical or emotional stress from the mother and can start creating a heart wall as soon as their second trimester. About Ninety Five percent of the clients, created their heart wall under the age of 3 years old. Most parents notice behavior improvement, attitude change, better grades, and a friendlier demeanor after clearing a few trapped emotions or removing their heart wall.  Qualification for this discounted price happens when the client sets up four sessions in our calendar.


Abundance Breakthrough Healing Session

This hour long comprehensive Abundance Breakthrough Healing Session via phone or Skype/Whatsup, person to person, is designed to target and eliminate your blocks to wealth and success that prevent you from living a life of financial abundance. Pull your old ideas and beliefs out by the roots and pave your path to the successful life you have always wanted! 

Cost - $ 95/ EU 80 per session – 60 minutes

Abundance Breakthrough
Resonating Relationships

Resonating Relationships -
the energy of romance session

Heart Wall Clearing is one of the most powerful approaches to clearing blocks to love, success and creativity and has created massive changes in my client’s lives. Yet for many people there are still blocks to creating a relationship that works. Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, are still unconsciously closed to love, feel undeserving, have poor conflict resolution skills. The resonating relationships program, developed by Natalie Nelson, addresses all these areas.

Suitable for people currently in a relationship or single and wishing to have a relationship that works. During or after a Divorce and after an Abusive Relationship.